flirty response to how was your day

How was your day? A flirtatious response to amp up the romance!

When your special someone asks how your day was, it’s the perfect opportunity to spice up your conversation with a flirty and playful response. Instead of settling for a simple “It was good,” why not take this chance to let your charming side shine and make your partner’s heart skip a beat? We’ve got some enticing and cheeky responses that will not only make your loved one smile but also add a dash of romance to your conversation.

1. “Every day is wonderful when I have you on my mind.”

This flirtatious response shows your partner that they are always on your thoughts, making even the most ordinary days special just by thinking about them. It’s a sweet way to express how much they mean to you and can leave them feeling flattered and loved.

flirty response to how was your day

2. “My day was great, but it would have been even better if I had spent it with you.”

A perfect response to add some playful banter, implying that your day was good but implying it could have been great with their presence. This flirtatious comment is bound to make your loved one feel desired and wanted.

3. “I had an incredible day, but talking to you now makes it even better.”

This response lets your partner know that, despite having a fantastic day, their presence and conversation have a magical effect on you. It’s a flirtatious way to emphasize how important they are in your life and how much they enhance your happiness.

4. “My day was ordinary until I heard your voice. Now, it’s extraordinary!”

Let your loved one know that they have the power to turn your ordinary day into something extraordinary just by being there for you. This response is not only flirty but also conveys how much you value their presence in your life.

5. “My day can only be complete when I see your beautiful smile.”

Compliment your partner’s smile with this flirtatious response. It shows how captivated you are by their smile and that seeing it is the highlight of your day. It’s a wonderful way to make your loved one feel appreciated and adored.

6. “I had a good day, but it instantly became amazing the moment I thought of you.”

Make your partner feel special and wanted by letting them know that you associate them with happiness and joy. This flirtatious response highlights how they have the ability to elevate even the most average day to something extraordinary.

7. “My day was like a Disney movie, but you’re the Prince/Princess that makes it a fairytale.”

Compliment your loved one by comparing your day to a fairy tale and letting them know they are the one who adds the magic to your life. This response carries an element of flirtation intertwined with romance, creating a delightful combination.

8. “My day was good, but knowing that I get to talk to you makes it extraordinary.”

Express how talking and connecting with your partner is the highlight of your day. It’s a flirtatious way to communicate that their presence and conversations bring so much joy and excitement to your life.

9. “My day was alright, but it became exceptional as soon as I saw your stunning face.”

Compliment your partner’s attractiveness with this playful response and let them know that their presence has the ability to turn an average day into something extraordinary. This flirtatious comment is sure to bring a smile to their face.

10. “My day was good, but it could be even better with a date night with you.”

Drop a subtle hint for a romantic date night by playfully implying that your day was good but could be elevated to greatness with their company. This response adds a touch of mystery and excitement, leaving your partner curious and excited about spending time together.

Remember, flirtatious responses should be used in an appropriate context, and everyone’s comfort levels may vary. Pay attention to your partner’s reaction and gauge their response to ensure your flirtations are reciprocated positively. With these flirtatious responses, you’re sure to add a sprinkle of romance and charm to your conversations, making your loved one feel special and desired.

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