how much is passport in south africa

Passport Fees in South Africa

Are you planning to travel internationally? One important document you will need is a passport. If you are a South African resident, it’s essential to know the cost of obtaining a passport. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on the fees for obtaining a passport in South Africa.

Introduction to Passports

A passport is an official government document that grants the holder legal identification and permits international travel. It serves as proof of citizenship and allows individuals to enter foreign countries and return to their home country. Obtaining a passport is crucial before embarking on any international journey.

The Cost of a South African Passport

how much is passport in south africa

The fees for acquiring a passport in South Africa vary depending on several factors. The primary factors influencing the cost include the type of passport you need and the urgency with which you require it.

Ordinary Passport

An Ordinary Passport is the standard passport issued to South African citizens. It is valid for ten years and contains 32 visa pages. The cost for an adult Ordinary Passport is R400, while a child’s Ordinary Passport costs R200.

Maxi Passport

If you are an avid traveler and require more visa pages, you can opt for the Maxi Passport. It contains 48 visa pages and is valid for ten years. The cost for an adult Maxi Passport is R600, and for a child, it is R300.

Child Passport

Children under the age of 16 require their passports to travel internationally. A child passport is valid for five years. The cost for a child passport is R400.

Emergency Travel Certificate

Sometimes, unexpected circumstances may require immediate international travel, and if you do not possess a valid passport, an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) can be obtained. This certificate is valid for seven days from the date of issue. The ETC costs R70.

Additional Fees and Services

In addition to the passport fees, there might be some optional services or additional fees that you may need or want to consider:

Passport Delivery

If you require your passport to be delivered to your doorstep, you can opt for this service, which costs an additional R150.


You will need two identical color passport photographs when applying for a passport. These photographs can be taken at the Department of Home Affairs for an additional fee of around R70.

Fast Track Service

If you need your passport urgently, you can utilize the fast track service, which expedites the processing time. This service costs an additional R800.

Application Process

The application process for obtaining a passport is relatively straightforward:

Step 1: Completing the Application Form

Visit your nearest Department of Home Affairs office to collect the passport application form. Fill out the form accurately and make sure you have all the necessary supporting documents.

Step 2: Documentation

Ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Original identity document (ID) and a copy
  • A certified copy of your ID (if applying for a Maxi Passport)
  • Two color passport photographs
  • Proof of payment of the passport fee
  • Birth certificate (for children applying for a passport)

Step 3: Submitting the Application

Visit the Department of Home Affairs office again to submit your completed application form and the required documents. Pay the passport fee at the cashier counter and obtain a receipt as proof of payment.

Step 4: Collecting Your Passport

The Department of Home Affairs will notify you when your passport is ready for collection. Bring the receipt and your original ID document when collecting your passport.


Obtaining a passport is an important step for anyone planning to travel internationally. In South Africa, the cost of a passport varies depending on the type and urgency. By familiarizing yourself with the fees and application process, you can ensure a smooth experience in acquiring your passport. Remember to have all the necessary documents ready and consider any additional services you may require.

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