how much is pregnancy scan at clicks


Pregnancy scans play a crucial role in monitoring the health and development of the baby during pregnancy. Clicks, the well-known retail pharmacy, offers a range of pregnancy scan services to expectant mothers. In this article, we will delve into the details of these scans, their importance, and the associated costs at Clicks. Whether you are considering a pregnancy scan or simply curious about the services offered, this article aims to provide you with comprehensive information on the topic.

What is a Pregnancy Scan?

A pregnancy scan, also known as an ultrasound, is a medical procedure that uses sound waves to create images of the developing baby in the womb. These images provide valuable information about the baby’s growth, position, and overall health. Pregnancy scans are performed by trained medical professionals and are considered safe for both the mother and the baby.
how much is pregnancy scan at clicks

The Importance of Pregnancy Scans

Pregnancy scans play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the baby. Here are some key reasons why these scans are important:

1. Confirming Pregnancy

One of the primary uses of a pregnancy scan is to confirm the presence of a pregnancy. This is often done through an early pregnancy scan, which can detect the pregnancy as early as 4-5 weeks after the last menstrual period.

2. Monitoring Baby’s Growth and Development

Pregnancy scans allow healthcare professionals to monitor the baby’s growth and development. These scans provide valuable information about the baby’s size, weight, and key developmental milestones. Monitoring the baby’s growth is especially important to ensure that the baby is growing at a healthy rate.

3. Assessing the Placenta and Amniotic Fluid

Scans also help in assessing the health of the placenta, which is responsible for providing oxygen and nutrients to the baby. They can also evaluate the level of amniotic fluid, which protects the baby and helps with its movement.

4. Detecting Potential Complications

Scans can detect potential complications such as ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus), miscarriage, or birth defects. Early detection of these complications allows healthcare professionals to take appropriate measures to ensure the best possible outcome for both the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy Scan Services at Clicks

Clicks offers a range of pregnancy scan services for expectant mothers. These services are conducted by qualified sonographers and radiologists, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Here are the different types of pregnancy scans available at Clicks:

1. Early Pregnancy Scan

An early pregnancy scan is performed between 6-10 weeks of gestation. This scan helps confirm the pregnancy, determine the baby’s heartbeat, estimate the due date, and identify any potential complications.

2. Dating Scan

A dating scan is usually performed between 10-16 weeks of gestation. This scan accurately determines the baby’s age and estimated due date. It also provides important information about the number of babies and identifies any major abnormalities.

3. Anomaly Scan

An anomaly scan, also known as a mid-pregnancy scan, is performed between 18-22 weeks of gestation. This scan thoroughly examines the baby’s anatomy and checks for any abnormalities in the organs, limbs, or spine. It also assesses the placenta and amniotic fluid levels.

4. Growth Scan

A growth scan is performed in the later stages of pregnancy, typically between 28-40 weeks. This scan assesses the baby’s size, weight, and overall growth. It helps identify any potential growth restrictions or excessive growth, providing insights into the baby’s well-being.

Cost of Pregnancy Scans at Clicks

The cost of pregnancy scans at Clicks may vary depending on the type of scan and the specific requirements. It is recommended to contact your nearest Clicks clinic or visit their official website for accurate and up-to-date pricing information. The cost of scans may also be influenced by factors such as the region and additional services requested.


Pregnancy scans are essential for monitoring the health and development of the baby. Clicks, a reputable retail pharmacy, provides a range of pregnancy scan services performed by qualified professionals. These scans help confirm the pregnancy, monitor the baby’s growth, and detect potential complications. By offering various types of scans, Clicks aims to ensure comprehensive care for expectant mothers. It is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals and reach out to Clicks for detailed information on the cost and availability of their pregnancy scan services.

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