how to activate openview decoder

How to Activate your Openview Decoder

Openview is a popular free-to-air satellite television platform in South Africa, providing a wide range of channels at no monthly subscription cost. Activating your Openview decoder is a straightforward process that ensures you can enjoy all the available channels and programming. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to activate your Openview decoder and start enjoying the diverse content it offers.

Step 1: Confirming Decoder Compatibility

Before beginning the activation process, it is essential to ensure that your Openview decoder is compatible with the satellite platform. Verify that your decoder is an Openview HD decoder or Openview HD PVR. If you have the correct decoder, you may proceed with the activation steps.

Step 2: Connect your Decoder

how to activate openview decoder

Connect your Openview decoder to your television using an HDMI or RCA cable. Ensure that the cables are securely connected to both the decoder and the television.

Step 3: Antenna Installation

Position the satellite dish on your rooftop or any suitable location. Align it correctly according to the Openview installation guidelines. Connect the dish’s LNB cable to the LNB IN port located at the back of the decoder.

Step 4: Power Up

Connect the power supply to your Openview decoder and plug it into an electrical outlet. Ensure the power cable is securely connected to the decoder and the outlet. Turn on the decoder using the remote control.

Step 5: Signal Activation

Once the decoder is powered on, it will begin searching for signals. This process may take a few minutes. Keep an eye on the TV screen for any prompts or instructions during the signal scanning process.

Step 6: Decoder and TV Setup

After successfully acquiring the signal, the decoder will guide you through a setup wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions, selecting your preferred language, country, and other settings. You may also need to perform an automatic channel scan. Allow the decoder to complete this process.

Step 7: Pair your Smartcard

To enjoy the Openview channels, you need to pair your smartcard with the decoder. Get the number displayed on your TV screen or check it on the decoder’s information bar. Call the Openview Call Centre at 0861 696 843 to complete the pairing process. Provide them with your smartcard number and any additional details they may require.

Step 8: Activation Confirmation

Once you have successfully paired your smartcard, the Openview Call Centre will activate your decoder and confirm the activation on your TV screen. This process usually takes a few minutes. If you do not receive confirmation after a reasonable period, contact the Call Centre for further assistance.

Step 9: Content Exploration

With your Openview decoder successfully activated, you can now explore the wide range of channels and programming available. Use your remote control to navigate through the channel guide and discover the content that interests you. Enjoy the diverse entertainment without any monthly subscription fees!


Activating your Openview decoder allows you to enjoy a plethora of free-to-air channels and programming without the burden of monthly subscription costs. By following these simple steps, you can activate your Openview decoder and uncover a vast array of entertainment options. Get ready to dive into a world of captivating content with Openview!

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