how to add music to instagram stories

Adding Music to Instagram Stories: A Complete Guide

Instagram Stories is a popular feature that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. It offers various creative options to enhance your stories, and one exciting feature is the ability to add music to your Instagram Stories. By adding a catchy tune to your stories, you can bring them to life and make them more engaging for your audience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding music to your Instagram Stories, step by step.

Step 1: Updating Your Instagram App

The first step to add music to Instagram Stories is to ensure that your Instagram app is up to date. Open the App Store (for iOS) or the Play Store (for Android) and check if there are any updates available for the Instagram app. Update the app if necessary to access the latest features, including the music feature for Stories.

Step 2: Accessing the Music Library

how to add music to instagram stories

Once your Instagram app is updated, open the app and swipe left to access the Instagram Stories camera. Choose the type of content you want to add to your story, be it a photo or video. After capturing or selecting the desired content, tap on the sticker icon (a smiley face) located at the top of the screen. Scroll through the sticker options until you find the Music sticker.

Step 3: Choosing a Music Track

Tap on the Music sticker, and the music library will open. Here, you have three options to explore:

  1. Popular: This section displays trending tracks and popular songs. You can choose from a wide range of genres and artists.
  2. Moods: In this section, you can explore music based on different moods and emotions, such as happy, romantic, upbeat, and more.
  3. Genres: If you have specific preferences, you can navigate to this section to find music from your favorite genres, including rock, pop, hip-hop, and more.

Browse through the options and select a music track that suits the atmosphere and theme of your story.

Step 4: Customizing the Music

After you’ve chosen a track, you can customize certain aspects before adding it to your story:

  • Start Time: You can trim the music track by moving the slider to select the starting point of the track. This allows you to begin the music at the perfect moment in your story.
  • Duration: Similarly, you can adjust the duration of the music by moving the slider to select the desired length.
  • Sticker: By default, the music sticker displays the album art as a background for your story. However, you can tap on the sticker to choose a different design that complements your content.

Once you’ve customized the music to your liking, tap on the Done button to add it to your story.

Step 5: Previewing and Sharing Your Story

After adding the music sticker, you can preview your story by tapping the play button. Ensure that the music blends well with your content and enhances its overall impact. If everything looks perfect, you can share your story by tapping on the Your Story button or by selecting specific recipients.

Additional Tips for Adding Music to Instagram Stories

Here are a few additional tips to make the most out of this feature:

  • Stay Aware of Copyrights: While Instagram provides a vast library of music to choose from, it’s essential to stay aware of copyrights. Avoid using copyrighted music without permission or proper licensing to prevent any legal issues.
  • Experiment with Different Tracks: Don’t be afraid to explore different music tracks to find the perfect match for your story. Experiment with various genres, moods, and styles to discover the ones that resonate most with your audience.
  • Consider the Vibe: The music you choose should align with the vibe and message of your story. Whether it’s a high-energy track to amplify excitement or a soulful tune to evoke emotions, selecting the right music can significantly impact the viewer’s experience.
  • Keep it Balanced: While music can enhance your story, it’s important to maintain a balance between the audio and the accompanying visuals. Make sure the music doesn’t overpower or distract from the main content of your story.

Adding music to your Instagram Stories adds a new dimension of creativity and engagement. By following these simple steps and considering our tips, you’ll be able to create captivating stories that leave an impression on your audience. Embrace this feature, explore different tracks, and have fun as you make your Stories more memorable than ever before!

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