how to borrow airtime from telkom


If you’re a Telkom user and find yourself in a situation where you urgently need airtime but don’t have sufficient balance, worry not! Telkom offers a convenient service that allows you to borrow airtime instantly. This helpful feature ensures that you can always stay connected and enjoy uninterrupted communication, even when you’re running low on credit. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of borrowing airtime from Telkom.

How to Borrow Airtime from Telkom

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Before you can borrow airtime from Telkom, it’s crucial to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible, you must:

how to borrow airtime from telkom

  • Be an active Telkom user with a registered SIM card.
  • Have a history of consistent usage and recharge patterns.
  • Not have any outstanding airtime loans with Telkom.
  • Have been an active Telkom subscriber for a specific period (which may vary depending on the service provider’s requirements).

If you meet these requirements, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Dial the Borrowing Code

To borrow airtime from Telkom, you need to dial a specific code on your mobile phone. The code may vary depending on your Telkom subscription and country of residence, so make sure to check the correct code beforehand. Once you have the code, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Dial the Telkom borrowing code, ensuring accuracy.
  • Press the call button.

After dialing the code successfully, you will receive a notification confirming your airtime loan request.

Step 3: Confirm Loan Terms

After submitting your airtime loan request, Telkom will send a message outlining the loan terms and conditions to your mobile phone. Make sure to read carefully and understand the terms mentioned in the message. The terms may include:

  • The loan amount.
  • The service fee charged for the loan.
  • The repayment period (typically deducted from your future recharge).

If you agree to the terms, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Accept/Confirm Loan

To accept and confirm the airtime loan, reply to the message received from Telkom. This reply should indicate your acceptance of the loan terms and conditions as stated in the previous step. Make sure to send the reply within the specified time frame mentioned in the message. Failure to respond within the given time may result in the cancellation of your loan request.

Step 5: Receive Loaned Airtime

Once you have confirmed your loan, Telkom will credit or transfer the borrowed airtime to your mobile phone account. You will receive a notification confirming the successful transfer of airtime. You can now use the loaned airtime for calls, SMS, data, or any other services provided by Telkom based on their terms and conditions.

Step 6: Repayment

Repayment of the borrowed airtime usually takes place automatically when you recharge your Telkom account. Upon your next recharge, the loan amount along with any applicable service fees will be deducted from the recharge amount. It’s important to note that the loan repayment is often prioritized, meaning that the repayment amount will be deducted before your current recharge balance is available for use.


Borrowing airtime from Telkom is a convenient solution for those who find themselves in urgent need of credit. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily borrow airtime and remain connected with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Remember to meet the eligibility criteria, dial the correct borrowing code, confirm the loan terms, accept the loan, and keep track of the repayment process. Stay connected with Telkom and enjoy uninterrupted communication at all times!

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