how to buy minutes on mtn

How to Buy Minutes on MTN: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you an MTN user looking to buy minutes for your mobile phone? Whether you need to make important calls or simply top up your airtime, MTN provides a convenient way to purchase minutes and stay connected. In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying minutes on MTN, ensuring that you stay connected effortlessly. Follow these easy steps to purchase minutes on your MTN network.

Step 1: Ensure Sufficient Balance

Before you proceed to buy minutes, it’s important to check your current balance and ensure it is sufficient to cover the desired amount. Dial the USSD code *156# and select the option to check your balance. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to successfully purchase minutes.

how to buy minutes on mtn

Step 2: Access the MTN Mobile Money Menu

To buy minutes on MTN, you need to access the MTN Mobile Money menu. Dial *165# on your phone and press the call button. This will open up a range of options for various MTN services.

Step 3: Select “Airtime and Bundle Services”

From the MTN Mobile Money menu, select the option for “Airtime and Bundle Services.” This will direct you to a submenu where you can find different services related to airtime and bundles.

Step 4: Choose “Buy Airtime”

In the “Airtime and Bundle Services” submenu, select “Buy Airtime.” This option allows you to purchase airtime for your MTN number, enabling you to make calls and use other services.

Step 5: Select “Self” or “Other”

Next, you will be prompted to choose between “Self” or “Other” options. If you want to purchase minutes for your own number, select “Self.” However, if you wish to buy minutes for another MTN number, choose “Other.” Enter the necessary details according to your selection.

Step 6: Enter the Amount

After selecting “Self” or “Other,” you will need to enter the amount of airtime you wish to buy. The system will prompt you to confirm the amount before proceeding with the purchase. Following the confirmation, the specified amount will be deducted from your MTN Mobile Money account balance.

Step 7: Confirm the Transaction

Once you have entered the desired amount, the system will ask for your confirmation to proceed with the transaction. Carefully review the details and verify the amount before confirming. Ensure that all information provided is accurate to avoid any issues with your purchase.

Step 8: Receive the Airtime

After confirming the transaction, you will receive the purchased airtime in your MTN account. You can now use your minutes to make calls, send messages, and access other services provided by MTN.

Additional Tips

Follow these additional tips to make your experience of buying minutes on MTN even smoother:

1. Use MTN Mobile Money Registered SIM

Ensure that you are using a registered MTN Mobile Money SIM card for a seamless transaction. If you haven’t registered your SIM, visit an MTN service center to complete the registration process.

2. Keep Your MTN Mobile Money PIN Secure

Protect your MTN Mobile Money PIN and avoid sharing it with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Safeguarding your PIN ensures the security of your transactions.

3. Keep Track of Your Balance

Regularly check your MTN Mobile Money balance to keep track of your funds. This will help you plan your purchases accordingly, ensuring you always have enough minutes for your needs.

4. Explore Bundles and Offers

MTN often provides attractive bundles and offers for its users. Explore these options to get the most out of your purchased minutes. Check for special packages that include data or other services, allowing you to enjoy more benefits with your airtime.

Stay Connected with MTN

With the simple and user-friendly process outlined above, you can easily buy minutes on MTN. Whether you need airtime for emergencies or routine communication, MTN provides a convenient solution for all your mobile needs. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can ensure uninterrupted connectivity and stay in touch with your loved ones effortlessly. Choose MTN for reliable and hassle-free mobile services.

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