how to do cash send with absa without app

How to Do Cash Send with Absa Without Using the App

Are you an Absa bank customer looking to send cash to someone but don’t have the app installed on your device? Don’t worry, you can still easily send cash using Absa’s alternative methods. In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to do a cash send with Absa without using the app.

1. Visit an Absa ATM

The first step is to visit your nearest Absa ATM. Insert your bank card into the ATM and enter your PIN to proceed.

2. Select “Cash Send” Option

how to do cash send with absa without app

Once you have accessed the main menu of the ATM, navigate to the “Cash Send” option. It may be located under the “Transfers” or “Payments” section, depending on the ATM interface.

3. Enter Recipient’s Cellphone Number

Now, you will need to enter the cellphone number of the recipient. Double-check the number to ensure it is correct to avoid any mishaps.

4. Enter Amount to Send

After entering the recipient’s cellphone number, you will be prompted to enter the amount of cash you wish to send. Make sure to verify the amount before proceeding.

5. Confirm the Transaction

The next step is to confirm the transaction details displayed on the screen. If everything is correct, press the “Confirm” button to proceed.

6. Receive Transaction PIN

At this point, you will receive a unique transaction PIN on the ATM screen. Take note of this PIN as it will be needed by the recipient to withdraw the cash.

7. Share Transaction Details with Recipient

Inform the recipient about the transaction, providing them with the transaction PIN and any other relevant details they might need to withdraw the cash successfully.

8. Inform Recipient to Visit an Absa ATM

Advise the recipient to visit their nearest Absa ATM. They will need to select the “Cardless Services” option on the ATM to proceed with the cash withdrawal.

9. Enter Transaction PIN

Once at the ATM, the recipient should select the “Cash Send Withdrawal” option and enter the provided transaction PIN when prompted.

10. Collect Cash

After entering the correct transaction PIN, the recipient will have access to the cash you sent. They can now safely withdraw it from the ATM.

Using the above steps, you can easily send cash via Absa without relying on the app. Whether you prefer traditional methods or simply don’t have the app installed, Absa makes it convenient for you to transfer money securely.

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