how to get ewallet pin from another number


In the world of digital transactions, eWallets have gained immense popularity for their convenience and security. They allow users to make quick payments and transfers through their smartphones. However, there may be times when you need to get an eWallet PIN from another number. In this article, we will explore the various methods you can use to obtain an eWallet PIN from a different phone number.

Method 1: Contact Customer Support

The first and most straightforward method is to reach out to the customer support of the eWallet provider. Most eWallet services have a dedicated helpline or support team that can assist you with any account-related queries or issues. Explain that you need to retrieve your eWallet PIN from a different phone number and provide them with the necessary details for verification. They will guide you through the process and help you regain access to your eWallet account.

Method 2: Reset PIN through the App

how to get ewallet pin from another number

Some eWallet apps offer a self-service option to reset your PIN. If the app supports this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the eWallet app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the “Forgot PIN” or similar option available on the login screen.
  3. Provide the required information, such as your registered mobile number and email address.
  4. An OTP (One-Time Password) or a verification link will be sent to the registered email address or alternate phone number.
  5. Follow the instructions provided in the email or SMS to set a new PIN for your eWallet account.

Remember to choose a strong and unique PIN to ensure the security of your eWallet.

Method 3: Use Account Recovery Options

Some eWallet services offer additional account recovery options that allow you to regain access from a different phone number. These options might include:

  • Security questions: Answering a series of predefined security questions to verify your identity and reset your eWallet PIN.
  • Alternate email address: Providing an alternate email address linked to your eWallet account to receive account recovery instructions.
  • Identification documents: Uploading scanned copies of identification documents (like a passport or driver’s license) to verify your identity and facilitate PIN reset.

If your eWallet app offers any of these recovery options, navigate to the account recovery section and follow the prompts to recover your eWallet PIN.

Method 4: Transfer Funds to a New eWallet Account

If you are unable to retrieve your eWallet PIN from another number using the above methods, you can consider transferring your funds to a new eWallet account. Remember to carefully assess the terms, fees, and reputation of the new eWallet service provider before proceeding.

  1. Research and select a trusted eWallet service provider.
  2. Create a new eWallet account with the chosen provider using your desired phone number.
  3. Transfer the funds from your old eWallet account to the new account.
  4. Set a new PIN for your new eWallet account.

While this method requires some effort, it can provide a solution if you are unable to access your eWallet PIN through other means.


Obtaining an eWallet PIN from another phone number is possible through contacting customer support, using the app’s reset option, utilizing account recovery options, or transferring funds to a new eWallet account. Remember to follow the necessary verification procedures and prioritize the security of your eWallet account. Choose a strong and unique PIN to safeguard your digital transactions and enjoy the convenience offered by eWallets.

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