how to repost a story on instagram

Reposting a Story on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram has revolutionized the way we share our stories with the world. From captivating images to engaging videos, it offers a platform for people to express themselves creatively. But what if you come across a captivating story that you want to share with your own followers? This is where the repost feature comes in! In this article, we will guide you through the process of reposting a story on Instagram, step-by-step.

Step 1: Find the Story You Want to Repost

The first step is to find the story you wish to repost on Instagram. This can be done by exploring different accounts, hashtags, or through direct messages. Once you have found the story that resonates with you, proceed to the next step.

how to repost a story on instagram

Step 2: Capture a Screenshot of the Story

To repost a story, you will need to capture a screenshot of it on your device. The method for capturing a screenshot varies depending on your device:

For iPhone Users:

Press the power button and the volume up button simultaneously to capture a screenshot of the story. You will hear a camera shutter sound, indicating a successful capture.

For Android Users:

Press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously to capture a screenshot. Alternatively, some Android devices may have a built-in screenshot shortcut gesture, such as swiping three fingers downwards on the screen.

Step 3: Edit the Screenshot (Optional)

Once you have captured the screenshot, you may want to edit it to enhance its appearance or add your personal touch. There are numerous photo editing apps available in both the App Store and Google Play Store that offer a wide range of editing features. Explore these apps to make your reposted story stand out.

Step 4: Download a Reposting App

To repost the story on Instagram, you will need to download a third-party reposting app. These apps allow you to easily share content from other accounts while giving credit to the original creator. Popular options include Repost for Instagram (available for both iOS and Android) and InstaRepost (for iOS).

Step 5: Open the Reposting App

After downloading and installing the reposting app, open it on your device. You will be prompted to sign in with your Instagram account credentials. Once you have logged in, the app will guide you through the next steps.

Step 6: Select the Screenshot to Repost

Within the reposting app, you will find the screenshot you captured earlier. Select the desired screenshot from your device’s photo gallery within the app.

Step 7: Customize the Repost

Before sharing the reposted story, you have the option to customize it. The reposting app typically provides features to crop, resize, and add captions or stickers to the story. Take this opportunity to personalize the repost according to your taste.

Step 8: Give Credit to the Original Creator

It is essential to give credit to the original creator of the story you are reposting. The reposting app usually provides an option to include the creator’s username within the repost. This ensures that their work is acknowledged and respected.

Step 9: Share the Reposted Story

Once you are satisfied with the customization and have given credit to the original creator, it’s time to share the reposted story on your Instagram profile. The reposting app will guide you through the final steps, allowing you to add it to your story or feed.

Step 10: Engage with Your Audience

Reposting a captivating story can attract attention from your own followers. Engage with your audience by responding to their comments, asking for their opinions, and encouraging them to share the story further. This interaction helps create a sense of community and fosters growth.


Reposting a story on Instagram can be a fantastic way to share inspiring content with your followers. By following these ten simple steps, you can easily repost stories that resonate with you and give credit to the original creators. Remember to always respect the work of others, engage with your audience, and enjoy the process of sharing captivating stories with the world!

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