how to ruin christmas season 3


Christmas is a time of joy, love, and togetherness, but what if you want to go against the grain and ruin the festive season? In this article, we will explore various ways to ruin Christmas, from the decorations to the gifts, in a light-hearted and humorous manner. While we don’t actually encourage spoiling other people’s holidays, sometimes it’s fun to imagine the mischief one could create. So, let’s dive into the fictional world of ruining Christmas!

1. Destroying Decorations

To start ruining Christmas, let’s focus on destroying those carefully crafted decorations. Grab a pair of scissors and sneakily cut those twinkling lights. Knock over the beautifully adorned tree or rearrange the ornaments to create chaos. Be sure to hide the tree topper, or better yet, replace it with something ridiculous that will surprise and upset everyone.

2. Ruining the Feast

how to ruin christmas season 3

No one looks forward to a ruined meal during Christmas, so let’s ruin that feast! Switch the sugar with salt in the cookies they spent hours baking, or add excessive amounts of spices to the main course to make it inedible. Alternatively, you could “accidentally” spill drinks or knock over the food, creating a maddening mess.

3. Dysfunctional Gifts

What’s Christmas without gifts? To ruin the holiday spirit, consider giving inappropriate or useless presents. A singing fish for the art enthusiast, a broken toy for a child, or a cat person receiving a dog as a pet. The possibilities are endless! Remember, the goal is to make everyone question your sanity and taste in gifts.

4. Canceling Traditions

Traditions are an integral part of Christmas, so ruining them will surely create chaos. Announce that you no longer believe in gift-giving or that you dislike Christmas carols. Suggest alternative traditions that go against the norm, like dressing as Halloween characters or having a beach day instead of a cozy, fireplace-lit celebration.

5. Spreading Rumors

To truly ruin Christmas, let’s employ the power of spreading rumors. Start whispering exaggerated tales about family members or friends, causing tension and drama. Create a web of deceit that unravels relationships and ruins the festive spirit. However, remember that this is all fictional and should never be practiced in real life.

6. Sabotaging Surprises

What’s more exciting than surprises during Christmas? Ruin that anticipation by revealing secrets before the big day. Inform someone of their gift or spoil the surprise visit from a loved one. The disappointment on their face will be undeniable, although it’s advised not to engage in such mischievous acts in reality.

7. Dampening the Spirit

Lastly, to ruin the Christmas season, it’s crucial to dampen the holiday spirit. Complain about everything, from the music to the decorations, to Christmas-themed movies. Express your dislike relentlessly, bringing down the mood of those around you. However, always remember to do this jokingly and never truly ruin someone’s well-deserved joy.


While we’ve laid out various ways to ruin the Christmas season, it’s important to remember that these suggestions are purely fictional and should not be acted upon. Christmas is a time of spreading love, joy, and positivity. So, let’s embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy the precious moments spent with loved ones. Happy holidays!

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