how to send cv by email

Email Subject: Application for [Position Name] – [Your Name]

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in the [Position Name] at [Company Name], as advertised on [Source of Job Posting]. I have attached my curriculum vitae (CV) for your consideration.

About Me

how to send cv by email

Allow me to provide a brief overview of my qualifications and experience. I am a [Your Profession], specializing in [Your Area of Expertise] with [Number of Years] years of experience in [Industry Name]. I hold a [Highest Educational Degree] in [Your Field of Study] from [University Name].

Over the years, I have honed my skills and gained valuable experience in [Relevant Skills/Expertise]. I am confident in my abilities to [Specific Task/Responsibility You Excel At], which I believe would greatly contribute to [Company Name’s] success.

Why [Company Name]?

I am particularly drawn to [Company Name]’s reputation as a leader in the [Industry Name] industry. After researching extensively, I am impressed with the company’s commitment to [Company Values/Specific Achievements]. The opportunity to join a team of talented individuals and collaborate on innovative projects is highly appealing to me.

I strongly believe that my skills, passion, and work ethic align perfectly with the goals and values of [Company Name]. I am confident that joining your team would provide me with the ideal platform to further develop my career and make a significant impact in the [Industry Name] field.

CV Highlights

Enclosed with this email is my CV, detailing my professional history, notable achievements, and skillset. Here are some key highlights:

  • [Highlight 1]
  • [Highlight 2]
  • [Highlight 3]
  • [Highlight 4]

I have also included references from previous employers who can vouch for my work ethic, skills, and professionalism.


Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to discuss how my skills and expertise can contribute to [Company Name’s] success. Kindly let me know if there is any additional information or documentation you require.

I look forward to the opportunity of discussing my application further and demonstrating my enthusiasm for joining [Company Name].

Thank you once again for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]

[Your Contact Information]

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