how to wipe a huawei


If you are looking to wipe your Huawei device, there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure all your personal data is securely removed. Whether you are planning to sell your device, give it away, or simply want to start fresh, wiping your Huawei is important to protect your privacy and ensure all your information is erased.

Backup Your Data

Before proceeding with the wipe, it is highly recommended to backup all your important data. This includes your contacts, photos, videos, documents, and any other files you wish to keep. You can make use of Huawei’s built-in backup features or choose a third-party app to create a complete backup of your device.

Sign Out of Accounts

how to wipe a huawei

It is essential to sign out of all your accounts before wiping your Huawei device. This ensures that you won’t accidentally leave any accounts linked to your device, such as email, social media, or cloud storage accounts. Go through your device’s settings and sign out of all the accounts you have logged in to.

Factory Reset

Now that you have backed up your data and signed out of your accounts, it’s time to perform a factory reset on your Huawei device. This will erase all your personal data and settings, returning the device to its original factory state. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Huawei device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “System & updates”.
  3. Select “Reset” and then choose “Factory data reset”.
  4. Review the information displayed and tap on “Reset phone”.
  5. You may be asked to enter your device’s passcode or pattern lock.
  6. Finally, tap on “Reset phone” again to confirm.

Once the reset process begins, it might take a few minutes for your Huawei device to complete the reset and erase all your data. Make sure your device is charged or connected to a power source during this process.

Securely Erase SD Card

If your Huawei device has an SD card slot and you want to ensure the complete removal of data from the SD card, it is recommended to securely erase it separately before wiping your device. You can use your device’s built-in formatting feature or connect the SD card to a computer and use a data erasure software to securely wipe it.

Verify Data Erasure

After the factory reset and securely erasing the SD card, it is important to verify that all your data has been successfully erased. Ensure that your Huawei device is completely turned off and then turn it back on. Go through the setup process and check that all your personal data, accounts, and files are no longer present on the device.

Sell, Donate, or Continue Using

Now that your Huawei device is wiped clean of all your personal data, you have the option to either sell it, donate it, or continue using it as a fresh device. If you choose to sell or donate, make sure to follow the necessary steps for transferring ownership and removing any residual traces of your information.


Wiping your Huawei device is a crucial step to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands. By following the steps outlined above, you can confidently reset your Huawei device, securely erase your data, and either sell, donate, or continue using it with peace of mind.

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