truworths card can be used at which stores


Are you a Truworths cardholder and wondering where you can use your card? Look no further, as we provide you with a comprehensive list of stores where the Truworths card is accepted. Whether you’re looking for fashionable clothing, trendy accessories, or even home decor items, the Truworths card can be used at a range of stores to satisfy your shopping needs.

Truworths Card: A Convenient Shopping Companion

Truworths is a renowned South African retailer that offers a wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories, and home decor products. The Truworths card is a store card designed to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience by offering various benefits and rewards. Accepted at multiple stores, this card allows you to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts while shopping.

Leading Clothing Brands

truworths card can be used at which stores

The Truworths card opens up a world of options when it comes to clothing. You can use your card to shop at Truworths, of course, where you can find the latest fashion trends for men, women, and children. Additionally, your Truworths card is also accepted at their other brand stores, such as Identity and Uzzi. Identity specializes in trendy, urban clothing for young adults, while Uzzi offers sophisticated and stylish menswear.

Footwear Stores

If you’re in need of a new pair of shoes, the Truworths card has got you covered. Use your card at Truworths Shoes, where you can find a wide variety of footwear for men, women, and children. From stylish sneakers to elegant heels, Truworths Shoes offers something for everyone. Add to that the advantage of using your Truworths card for payment and you’ve got a winning combination.

Accessories Galore

Complement your outfit with trendy accessories that make a statement. Your Truworths card can be used at stores like Truworths Jewellery, where you can find beautiful pieces to enhance your style. From delicate necklaces to sparkling earrings, Truworths Jewellery offers a range of accessories to suit every taste and occasion. Don’t forget to use your Truworths card to take advantage of special discounts and promotions.

Home Decor and Lifestyle Stores

It’s not just about fashion – your Truworths card can also be used at various home decor and lifestyle stores. Indulge in a shopping spree at @home, where you can find everything from furniture to kitchenware. Use your Truworths card to furnish your home and create a stylish and comfortable living space. You can also shop at Sheet Street, a store that specializes in affordable bedding, curtains, and home accessories.

How to Use Your Truworths Card

Using your Truworths card is simple and convenient. When you visit any of the mentioned stores, select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to the payment counter. Present your Truworths card to the cashier and let them know that you would like to pay with your card. They will process your payment and deduct the purchase amount from your Truworths card balance.

It is important to note that your Truworths card can only be used within the Truworths network of stores. Additionally, make sure to keep track of your card balance and make timely payments to avoid any unnecessary charges or issues with your card.


The Truworths card offers a convenient and rewarding shopping experience. Accepted at a variety of stores, including Truworths, Identity, Uzzi, Truworths Shoes, Truworths Jewellery, @home, and Sheet Street, your Truworths card ensures that you can indulge in the latest fashion trends, footwear, accessories, and home decor items. Simply visit any of these stores, present your Truworths card, and enjoy the benefits it brings. Start using your Truworths card today and elevate your shopping experience!

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