what does the bible say about sex


The Bible is an ancient religious text that provides guidance and teachings on various aspects of life, including sex. It contains wisdom and principles that believers turn to when seeking guidance regarding sexual relationships, desires, and behaviors. This article explores what the Bible says about sex and offers insights for readers.

The Purpose of Sex

In the Bible, sex is presented as a gift from God, designed to be enjoyed within the context of a committed marriage relationship between one man and one woman. It serves several purposes:

1. Intimacy and Connection

what does the bible say about sex

Sex provides a unique opportunity for husbands and wives to intimately connect on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It fosters a deep bond of love, trust, and unity between spouses.

2. Procreation

Additionally, sex allows couples to participate in the creation of new life. The Bible encourages procreation as one of the purposes of marriage, emphasizing the importance of raising children in a loving, secure, and God-centered environment.

God’s Design for Sex

According to the Bible, sex is a beautiful expression of love and commitment between a husband and wife. It is meant to be enjoyed within the boundaries of marriage, where both partners willingly and consensually engage in the act.

1. Fidelity

The Bible stresses the importance of faithfulness within marriage, condemning adultery and any form of sexual immorality. It encourages spouses to honor their commitment to each other by remaining sexually faithful and loyal.

2. Mutual Consent

Sexual intimacy should always be based on mutual agreement and consent between both partners. The Bible emphasizes the importance of respecting each other’s boundaries and desires, ensuring that both individuals derive pleasure and satisfaction from the act.

3. Purity

While sex within marriage is celebrated, the Bible emphasizes the importance of sexual purity outside of marriage. It encourages individuals to abstain from premarital sex and other forms of sexual immorality, such as pornography and promiscuity.

Sexual Sin and Temptations

The Bible recognizes the presence of sexual temptations and warns against falling into sexual sin. It acknowledges that sexual desires, when misdirected or acted upon inappropriately, can lead to harm, broken relationships, and spiritual struggles.

1. Adultery and Fornication

The Bible strongly condemns adultery, which involves engaging in sexual relationships with someone other than one’s spouse. It also speaks against fornication, which refers to sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage. These actions are considered sinful and detrimental to the well-being of individuals and society.

2. Lust and Impurity

Lustful thoughts, fantasies, and actions that objectify others are also discouraged in the Bible. It emphasizes the importance of purity of heart, mind, and body, urging individuals to guard their thoughts and treat others with respect and dignity.

Redemption and Forgiveness

The Bible acknowledges that all individuals fall short and struggle with various sins, including those related to sex. However, it offers hope, forgiveness, and redemption through faith in Jesus Christ.

1. Repentance

Those who have engaged in sexual sins are called to repentance, which involves acknowledging the wrongdoing, turning away from such behaviors, and seeking forgiveness from God and others who may have been affected.

2. Healing and Restoration

The Bible teaches that individuals who have sinned sexually can find healing and restoration through God’s grace and mercy. It emphasizes the importance of accepting forgiveness, making amends where possible, and seeking support from God and trusted individuals to live a renewed and pure life.


The Bible addresses sex as a gift from God to be enjoyed within the boundaries of marriage, promoting love, fidelity, consent, and purity. It cautions against sexual sins and provides a message of redemption and forgiveness for those who have strayed. By adhering to the biblical principles, individuals can experience healthy, fulfilling, and God-honoring sexual relationships.

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