what happened to monday full movie

What Happened to Monday (2017) – Exploring the Thrilling Sci-Fi Film

What Happened to Monday is a thought-provoking science fiction film released in 2017. Directed by Tommy Wirkola, this gripping movie follows the story of septuplets born into an overpopulated future world with a strict one-child policy. The film offers a thrilling experience as it unravels the lives of these identical siblings and the lengths they go to maintain their existence in a society that forbids their existence.

The Plot and Setting

The movie is set in a dystopian future where governments enforce a “One Child Policy,” due to an imminent global overpopulation crisis. The Child Allocation Bureau, led by Nicolette Cayman, strictly enforces this rule. Any additional children are taken away, cryogenically frozen, and stored for a better future.

what happened to monday full movie

The main characters, the Settmans, anticipate the arrival of seven identical twin girls, conceived in secrecy. Their grandfather, Terrence Settman, raises the girls and names each one after a day of the week, allowing them to venture outside only on their designated day. This enables them to share a singular identity – Karen Settman – when interacting with the outside world.

As they grow up, each sibling develops unique traits and skills. Monday becomes a finance expert, Tuesday navigates the complex world of law, Wednesday excels in art, and so on. They each contribute to Karen’s reputation and their joint identity.

Chaos Ensues: The Mystery Unfolds

One day, Monday mysteriously disappears, and the remaining sisters embark on a dangerous journey to find her. As they uncover the truth, they realize that the Child Allocation Bureau is involved in an elaborate conspiracy, posing a significant threat to their existence.

The sisters are portrayed by Noomi Rapace, who brilliantly portrays the different personalities of each character. The film takes viewers through unexpected twists and turns, showcasing the resilience of the sisters and their determination to save themselves and their family.

The Deep Message of the Film

Beyond the thrilling nature of the storyline, What Happened to Monday raises profound questions about individuality, identity, and the consequences of overpopulation. The movie challenges the viewer to consider the moral implications of suppressing one’s true self for the greater good and how society’s rules can restrict personal freedoms.

What Happened to Monday cleverly integrates elements of suspense, action, and emotion to engage viewers, provoking discussions around the ethics of population control and the sacrifices made to preserve life.

The Film’s Reception and Impact

What Happened to Monday garnered praise for its captivating plot and stellar performances, particularly from Noomi Rapace, who skillfully brings each sibling’s distinct personality to life. Audiences and critics alike admired the film’s ability to maintain tension while exploring thought-provoking themes.

The movie’s release sparked conversations about the potential consequences of overpopulation and the ethical dilemmas faced by societies grappling with resource scarcity. It exemplifies how science fiction can serve as a medium for examining complex social issues and generating meaningful dialogue.

In Conclusion

What Happened to Monday is a riveting science fiction film that delves into the themes of identity, sacrifice, and morality. It captivates audiences with its thrilling storyline and powerful performances, providing a glimpse into a future shaped by overpopulation and strict government policies. This thought-provoking movie serves as a reminder of the importance of individuality and the lengths one may go to ensure personal freedoms.

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