what is the maximum uif payment


The maximum UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) payment in South Africa is determined by various factors such as the individual’s salary, the reason for unemployment, and the duration of the unemployment period. UIF provides financial support to employees who have lost their jobs due to retrenchment, dismissal, or temporary layoff.

Factors Affecting UIF Payments

The amount of UIF payment is calculated based on the employee’s previous earnings, referred to as the “benefit rate.” This rate is determined by dividing the total earnings of the employee over the 4-month period before unemployment by the number of days in that period. However, there are certain limits and conditions that apply:

Daily Income Limit

what is the maximum uif payment

There is a maximum daily income limit that affects the UIF payment. As of 2021, this limit is set at R17,712 per month or R737 per day. This means that even if an individual’s salary exceeds this limit, the UIF payment will be calculated based on this maximum amount.

Duration of Payment

The duration for which an individual can receive UIF payments also affects the maximum payment. The maximum period for claiming UIF benefits is 12 months. However, this duration can vary based on the circumstances leading to unemployment.

Type of Unemployment

The reason for unemployment also plays a role in determining the maximum UIF payment. UIF benefits are divided into various categories such as retrenchment, dismissal, maternity, and illness benefits. Each category has its own specific rules and maximum payment limits.

Applying for UIF Payments

To apply for UIF payments, individuals need to submit their claims through the Department of Labour. The necessary documents typically include a completed UI-2.8 form, proof of termination of employment, identification documents, and bank details.

Additional Support during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the South African government introduced special relief measures to provide additional support to those affected by the economic consequences of the virus. The Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme (TERS) was implemented to assist those who lost income due to the pandemic. The TERS program offered a higher income replacement rate compared to regular UIF benefits.


The maximum UIF payment in South Africa varies depending on factors such as the individual’s salary, the reason for unemployment, and the duration of the unemployment period. It is essential to understand the specific rules and limitations that apply to each situation. Applying for UIF payments can provide temporary financial support during periods of unemployment and help individuals meet their basic needs.

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