what size is 38 in shoes

What Size is 38 in Shoes?

When it comes to buying shoes, sizing can be a confusing aspect. Each country and brand may have its own unique measurement system, making it crucial to understand how sizes correspond to your feet. If you’ve ever wondered about the size 38 in shoes, this article will provide you with all the necessary information.

Understanding Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes are typically expressed in numerical terms, but these numbers can vary depending on the region. In general, shoe size charts are categorized according to the length of your foot. To find your correct shoe size, you need to measure the length of your feet using a ruler or tape measure.

what size is 38 in shoes

In some parts of the world, such as the United States, shoe sizes for adults are determined based on the length of the foot in inches. However, most countries, including Europe and the United Kingdom, use the metric system and measure foot length in centimeters. As a result, sizes in these regions are often denoted as EU (European) sizes.

How Does Size 38 Convert in Different Sizing Systems?

Size 38 corresponds to various measurements depending on the sizing system used. Let’s explore the conversions for this particular size:

European Sizing (EU)

In the European sizing system, size 38 generally refers to a foot length of 24 centimeters (or 240 millimeters). It’s worth noting that European sizes often have a standard width of medium (M) for both men and women.

United Kingdom Sizing (UK)

In UK sizing, size 38 typically translates to a foot length of 9.5 inches, which is around 24.1 centimeters. Similar to European sizes, UK sizes are gender-neutral when it comes to width.

United States Sizing (US)

When using the US sizing system, size 38 typically corresponds to a foot length of 7.5 inches for women and 6 inches for men. However, it’s crucial to note that US shoe sizes can vary for different brands and shoe types.

Considerations When Purchasing Size 38 Shoes

While knowing the measurements associated with size 38 is important, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing shoes:

1. Different Brands, Different Fits

Shoe sizes can differ between brands due to variations in production techniques and design philosophies. It’s always recommended to try on shoes before making a purchase, especially with different brands, as the fit might not be the same even if the size is identical.

2. Different Shoe Types, Different Fits

Footwear is not limited to just one style, and the fit can vary depending on the type of shoe you’re purchasing. For example, athletic shoes, high heels, and boots may have different sizing requirements and fits, even within the same brand.

3. Consider Width as Well

In addition to length, width is another important factor to consider when buying shoes. Some individuals may have wider or narrower feet, requiring specific width options for a comfortable fit. However, keep in mind that width measurements can also differ between brands.


Understanding shoe sizes is essential for a comfortable and accurate fit. While size 38 generally corresponds to a foot length of 24 centimeters or 9.5 inches, it’s important to remember that sizing systems can vary between countries and brands. Before purchasing shoes, it’s always advisable to try them on and consider the specific shoe type and width requirements. By doing so, you can ensure the perfect fit and enjoy walking comfortably in your new pair of shoes.

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